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On their recent appearance on Koffee with Karan, Ranveer Singh opened up about how he proposed to Deepika Padukone. After dating for three years, Ranveer proposed to Deepika on a vacation in the Maldives, and while his family was aware that he was going to pop the question, Deepika’s family had no idea. On the show, Ranveer shared his mother and sister were involved in the process of selecting the engagement ring, but said that in retrospect, he should’ve also spoken to Deepika’s parents – Prakash and Ujjala Padukone – before he asked her to marry him. When they eventually got to know, it led to a big fight between Deepika and her mother.

Ranveer recalled on the show that they had flown to Bangalore after their vacation, and that he had planned on sitting down with the family and breaking the news of their engagement to them. He wanted the meeting to be intimate, with just her parents, her sister and the two of them. He was going to tell them, “Look I am truly, madly deeply in love with your daughter. I have proposed marriage to her.”

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But instead of following this plan, Deepika decided to drop the news when they were over at a family friend’s house. He recalled that during dinner, Deepika broke the news of their engagement there and then, with several people present. “She came to me on the side and whispered in my ear, ‘Listen, I am going to tell them now,” he said. To this, Deepika interrupted and added, “I just felt like if we were in a larger group, it would be easier to break the news, which again, was the worst thing to do.”

Ranveer said that as soon as Deepika blurted out the news, there was “pin drop silence” in the room, and while everyone congratulated them soon after, he could see that “Ujjala’s face has just gone cold.” He then recalled that Deepika and Ujjala had a big fight as soon as they got home, as he listened to them through the door. “We have gone home. I have gone into the room in their Bangalore home and I have put my ear to the door and outside, Amma and Deepika are having it out. She is saying, ‘Who is this guy? He has proposed marriage and you have said yes also’. This whole drama is going on outside,” he recalled.

Ranveer added that it “took a lot of years and a lot of work on my part to kind of make a place for myself in Amma’s heart but now I think it has happened, and I am one of her favourite people in the whole world.” Ranveer and Deepika have been married since 2015.

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